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Fire alarms

Property protection from fire is a very difficult task, because you don't not know what could be the cause of the fire. However, you can set the fire alarm to timely receive the signal on the fire place and be able to take the necessary measures.

Fire alarm systems are required not only in offices, warehouses, public buildings, etc.. Such systems are very useful also in private houses and apartments.  For example, to protect the area where the fire is most likely - the living room with fireplace, kitchen, boiler room or garage.

According to all the provisions of the installed fire alarm existence it is a major advantage when you ensure your property.

Ltd. "Respekts" offers:

  • Take on the spot;
  • Carry out the project development and coordination with the relevant authorities of fire issues;
  • Take the fire protection system installation;
  • Take warning system assembly;
  • Carry out technical maintenance.

It is very important to plan for fire alarms in time and integrate it with other security systems for your property.


Fire protection system for private purposes

Ltd. Respekts recommends to install fire safety alarm systems in homes where is located  a fireplace, space heaters or sauna.

As we know, most dangerous period in terms of fire safety is a private home heating season. Many accidents caused by fire start at Christmas time, when people burn candles carelessly. Often, accidents occur precisely because the disaster is not timely noticed. Installation of fire protection systems allow detection of fire in beginning of disaster because the system reacts to the presence of smoke in the room.


Notification systems

Security company Ltd. Respekts offers to install the warning system. Basically, such systems are divided into fire warning and, depending on the nature of the object: information, commercial postings, background music service information, etc. systems. Notifications can scan the whole object at once, or any separately selected area, which is determined according to the situation in object. System structure is determined according to the nature of the object and can be diverse - from a simple amplifier chains to multi-information complex, which is part of basic security system.