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Video surveillance

Video surveilance systems provide the premises of the ongoing events in visual fixation and recorded media events over several weeks or months. Such a system provides an opportunity to get visual information about the ongoing observation area in 24-hour mode. Due to technical possibilities, video surveillance system allows automatically analyze  ongoing movements, provides separate security functions and informs staff about activities which is considered to be suspicious or unauthorized. Ltd. Respekts offers a security video surveillance system for apartments, houses, offices and manufacturing facilities, as well as the territories. Video surveillance systems can be used as real-time monitoring system, also as a historical event restoration system.
Video surveillance system provides the best effect if it is additionally integrated with other security systems - access control, fire alarm detection and notification systems. In this case, in addition to alarms from other systems is also obtained visual fixation of the event, which allows you to fully restore the unauthorized action or unplanned event sequences and the individuals involved.

There are several types of video surveillance cameras, which are designed for different situations:

  • Video surveillance camera that is capable of monitoring sites within a radius of 360 degrees;
  • Video surveillance cameras with night vision;
  • Hidden video surveillance cameras;
  • Standard video surveillance cameras.