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Physical security

Physical security is required service which is also offered by the security company Respect. Physical security is used in guarding:

  • Residential buildings, private houses, villages;
  • Construction sites and equipments;
  • Shopping centers;
  • Factory spaces and workshops;
  • Warehouses, industrial premises, offices, retail spaces and other areas,
  • As well as to ensure safety at public events - city celebrations, concerts, sports games, etc..


Ltd. "Respect" is particularly specialized in physical security assurance - our staff are specially trained for specific physical security situations. We have the necessary security equipment and systems for more effective execution of the work and our customers’ security.

Physical security for companies

Usually physical security is assured in industrial premises, car parks, warehouses, offices, careers, commercial premises or in any other area that customer has requested.

While protecting these objects, a professional security guard shall have jurisdiction to record and inform the person responsible for any events that do not meet the description and rules for the security guard agenda for a specific site. Security guard is reporting any suspicious activities to responsible person.

With a professional security specialists, the company can not only avoid unwanted damage to it, but also improve the overall security system.

Physical security at public events

Our security company has experienced in ensuring the physical security in public events.

Public events usually take place with close cooperation between the security company employees and certain municipal police officers. Security staff presence at public events is extremely important, especially if the activities take place at night or they are associated with any increased risk.


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